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Release Date: 2nd October 2020
  • Command - Choose from four commanders, each representing a different faction and bringing with them their own unique power, traits and play style
  • deploy - Call in reinforcements from orbit by picking from a range of mass-produced units with differing combat roles
  • advance - push forward and secure your supremacy on a Battlefield of hexagonal area Tiles, formed with a variety of terrain types
  • battle - Engage the enemy with tactical attack options inflict status effects, plant traps and support allies using unique unit skills
  • campaign - Set during a time of War and political uncertainty, the story of warborn unfolds from the eyes of four different commanders across a story-driven campaign featuring over 40 missions
  • Skirmish and multiplayer - configure your own match parameters in Skirmish mode, or take the battle online to outwit rival commanders across the world in tense one-on-one matches
  • map editor - feeling creative? Make your own custom maps using the built-in map editor take your custom maps into Skirmish mode to try against the computer, or play them online with friends
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